What we do and how we do it

Focussing on hybrid timber frame construction and other prefabricated component oriented manufacturing, Small House Innovation designs, manages, and builds homes for a variety of clients. Working from the controlled environment of a shop, we are able to maintain meticulous standards, while minimizing waste, and maximizing efficiency. By marrying modern building products and research with professional workmanship, our homes stand as a beautiful blend of old school wood craft, and modern innovation. Our clients are guaranteed our full attention as we build our homes, one at a time.

What we offer

  • Complete design services
  • Planning and management assistance
  • Full timber frame and hybrid house packages
  • Complete timber frame roof systems
  • Custom architectural brackets and trim packages
  • Structural bents and other timber components
  • Porch, Deck, Railing and Stair packages
  • Custom built-in storage, cabinetry and floors
  • Complete micro-homes and portable dwellings
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